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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and radically altered the political landscape. While we continue to fight fires and look towards an uncertain future, amidst the ashes of this unprecedented crisis there lies an opportunity for renewal and rebirth. Health is having a rare moment in the political spotlight: now is the time to fight for solidarity, equity and transformation in health, within Europe and on the global stage.

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Meet some of our


Wolfgang Mückstein

Federal Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, Austria

Janez Poklukar

Minister of Health, Republic of Slovenia

Daniels Pavļuts

Minister for Health, Republic of Latvia

Sandra Gallina

Director-General, European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety

Hans Kluge

Regional Director for Europe, World Health Organization

Sharan Burrow

General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation

Andrea Ammon

Director, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Ahmed Ogwell Ouma

Deputy Director, African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Jeremy Farrar

Director, Wellcome Trust

Obiageli Ezekwesili

Senior Economic Advisor, Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative

Mario Monti

Chair, Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development

Dorit Nitzan

Regional Emergency Director, WHO Regional Office for Europe

Milka Sokolović

Director General, European Public Health Alliance

Richard Hatchett

Chief Executive Officer, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

Cristian-Silviu Buşoi

MEP, European Parliament

Brando Benifei

MEP, European Parliament

Ilona Kickbusch

Founding Director and Chair of the Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies Geneva

Raina MacIntyre

Head of Biosecurity Research Program, Kirby Institute, University of South Wales, Sydney

Els Torreele

Visiting Fellow, University College London

Christina Pagel

Professor of Operational Research, University College London

Programme Details

  • Monday  |  27.09.2021Mon
  • Tuesday  |  28.09.2021Tue
  • Wednesday  |  29.09.2021Wed
  • Thursday  |  30.09.2021Thu
  • Friday  |  01.10.2021Fri
  • Transforming tomorrow
  • Complex systems
  • Joining forces for health
  • Levelling up together
  • Plenary


Transforming tomorrow

To meet the next challenges on the horizon equipped with new solutions, we have to rethink current approaches and practices. How can we keep the spirit of accelerated innovation alive in areas that have been galvanized by the COVID-19 crisis, and at the same time address gaps and unmet needs that have become starkly apparent during the pandemic?

This track will span innovative tools and treatments, as well as meaningful systemic and legal change, and consider approaches with transformative potential in areas like health systems resilience, cancer care, data governance, rare diseases, and digital health.

Complex systems

As health systems struggle to recover from the shocks dealt to them over the last two years, a vital challenge lies in disentangling the complex threads of upstream health determinants on the political, social, economic, and environmental stage. To build forward better, an all-of-policy, all-of-society approach to health is more important than ever before.

This track will explore systems that have seen severe disruption but also unique opportunities for transformation during the pandemic, and discuss future visions for pandemic preparedness, healthcare financing, healthy economies, health and the climate crisis, and more.

Joining forces for health

Individualistic responses to the pandemic have laid bare schisms in international solidarity, but the crisis has also brought into sharp focus the need to work together better: across countries, continents, sectors, and disciplines. Whether the topic is health security, equitable access to innovative medicines, or the burden of non-communicable diseases, one thing is clear: alone you go fast, but together you go far.

In this track, we will envision a healthier and more resilient Europe in solidarity with the rest of the world, exchange international best practices, and dive into new models of collaboration between all stakeholder groups in health.

Levelling up together

When it comes to health threats, no one is safe until everyone is safe - and a truly resilient recovery is impossible without a focus on leaving no-one behind. As we strive for a ‘better normal’ for people, economies and societies, co-creation and equity are indispensable principles.

Sessions and activities in this track will consider how to empower communities, improve communication between experts, decision-makers and citizens, make marginalised voices heard, combat the impact of COVID-19 on health inequalities, and devise collaborative leadership approaches that can point the way to a more equitable tomorrow.

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