European Health Forum Gastein 2020European Health Forum Gastein

Dancing with elephants

New partnerships for health, democracy, business

The determinants of health and well-being are often driven by the interests of big players, which are not always aligned with public health agendas. The 2020 digital edition of the European Health Forum Gastein, held from Sept 30 - Oct 2, set out to conceptualise new ways of working with these giants and build fresh models of constructive collaboration among all stakeholders in health – “dancing with elephants”. As we contend with an ongoing crisis that has made health a political issue like never before, can we mobilise the will to regulate, form intersectoral partnerships, and adopt a whole of society approach that accommodates each other’s strengths and limitations? Read the conference outcomes at the link below or review session recordings here.

Conference Outcomes


Since its foundation in 1998 the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) conference has developed into a key annual policy event, bringing together senior decision-makers, communities and experts from the public and private sector, academia and civil society for a candid discourse on our most pressing challenges in health and beyond.





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