For over twenty years, the European Health Forum Gastein has worked to bring together its four pillars – public and private sectors, civil society, science & academia – to facilitate a frank but fair dialogue on health and policy by providing an impartial and inclusive platform for debate.

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Publications 2022

Eurohealth - A moonshot for a true European Health Union - if not now, when? 

Healthy Europe Magazine 

Clippings 2022

12. October: Brain drain of health workforce challenges EU health systems (Euractiv)

10. October: Ex-Gesundheitskommissar: Kühe sind in Brüssel wichtiger als Gesundheit (Euractiv)

7. October: Former EU health chief: Cooperation between member states still missing (Euractiv)

6. October: Europe’s growing mental health care gap (Politico)

5. October: The many deserts of EU’s healthcare systems (Euractiv)

5. October: Health workers, innovation, financing and wellbeing: moonshots for better health (The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies)

4. October: One World, One Health – Tackling the Superbug Challenge (Health Policy Watch)

4. October: WHO: Action against out-of-pocket payments must target most vulnerable (Euractiv)

3. October: Stakeholders Must ‘Fully Engage’ If WHO’s Medicines Access Platform Is To Succeed (Pink Sheet)

30. September: Sanità, le sfide mozzafiato del prossimo assessore (Primocanale)

29. September: Does Prevention Justify Total Control? Data And Ethics During Health Emerhenices (ICT&health)  

29. September: Experte fordert Diskussion ethischer Fragen "vor nächster Pandemie" (Kurier)

28. September: Rauch: Weiteres "Alarmschlagen" bei Corona nicht notwendig (Die Presse)

28. September: L’Europa è entrata in una crisi sanitaria permanente e la colpa non è solo del Covid (Quotidiano Sanità)

28. September: Efficiency and Innovation Key to Addressing Europe’s Health System Woes (Health Policy Watch)

28. September: Gemeinsam gegen die multiplen Krisen (

27. September: Kluge (Oms Europa), non esiste un consumo sicuro di alcol (Ansa Salute)

27. September: What's at the stake in the european health data space? (ICT&health) 

27. September: Dauerkrise aus Pandemie, Klima und Krieg als "neue Normalität (Austria Presse Agentur)

27. September: The European Region is in a “permacrisis” that stretches well beyond the pandemic, climate change and war (WHO Europe)

27. September: Sorge um psychische Gesundheit in Medizinberufen (Krone Zeitung)

27. September: Invest in Health Workforce to Combat Pandemic, Climate and War, Kluge Appeals (Health Policy Watch)

23. September: A moonshot in healthcare thinking (Euractiv)

23. September: Growing awareness of healthcare workers’ mental health in EU (Euractiv)

21. September: Eight in 10 providers want pharma to solve system inequalities (Medical, Marketing and Media)

15. September: New WHO Access Platform Could Mean Tiered Pricing In Europe (Pink Sheet)

19. September: EU Gears Up For Compulsory Licensing Reform (Pink Sheet)

17. January: High hopes for Europe's new Health Emergency and Response Authority (The BMJ)

27. January: Europe’s #1 cause of death is largely preventable- isn’t it time we take action? (Euractiv)

10. February: Why we need civil society in global health management (The Parliament Magazine)

14. March: Addressing the workforce digital skills gap in Europe (Healthcare IT News)

4. April: Health policy in Europe and the sustainability of health systems (Open Access Government) 



Subject to proof of affiliation, journalists and media representatives can receive accreditation for the European Health Forum Gastein free of charge. Media accreditation will be available several months prior to the meeting.

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