EU Action on pancreas cancer

Friday, 30.09.2016 | 15:00 - 17:00

Organised by EU COST Action EUPancreas (BM1204) - An integrated European platform for pancreas cancer research: from basic science to clinical and public health interventions for a rare disease

Pancreas cancer (PC), (still) defined as a rare cancer, has the lowest survival rate of any cancer. Death rates from PC are rising across Europe while those from all other cancers continue to fall. It is predicted that in 2030 PC will be the second most frequent cancer. There is no option to control PC incidence/mortality by primary or secondary (screening) prevention and only minor advances have been done recently in tertiary prevention under the umbrella of personalised treatment.

COST Actions are intergovernmental capacity building frameworks for European Cooperation in Science and Technology connecting scientists throughout Europe and worldwide and by this maximizing the impact of research on policy makers, regulatory bodies, national decision makers and the private sector. Key stakeholders from administration, academia, NGOs and industry will discuss how a European coordinated approach to combat PC via this ongoing COST Action „EUPancreas" can act as a role model for Europe. Experiences from the Action highly contribute to improving the management of rare diseases in European Reference Centers (ERCs). Furthermore, the EC identified PC as a tracer in bridging ”rare” und “common diseases”.

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020



RICARDO BAPTISTA LEITE, Member of Parliament, Portugal


LADA LEYENS, Swissmedic, Switzerland

ANGELA BRAND, EUPAncreas WG4 Coordinator, Maastricht University


ELKE ANKLAM, Director, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission


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