Personalised Medicine

Thursday, 04.10.2012 | 14:30 - 17:30 | Congress Centre 2

Organised by European Science Foundation (ESF), the FET Flagship pilot project IT Future of Medicine (ITFoM) and Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in cooperation with the Institute for Public Health Genomics (IPHG) at Maastricht University


Sponsored by AMGEN and Pfizer

Personalised medicine and healthcare call for appropriate governance strategies at the European and global level as they challenge the way in which healthcare systems worldwide are set up. Policy makers and the many other stakeholders have to interact and discuss medium- to long-term views and provide timely policy advice that will help prepare Europe for the likely changes in how society deals with wellbeing, health, healthy ageing, healthy diet, and disease. Such a European agenda may lead the way for a global personalized medicine.

  • Personalised medicine – organisational changes, regulatory issues and bottlenecks
  • Public Private Partnerships – who are the drivers, what are the incentives?
  • Equitable access to personalised medicine – how can we assure added value for citizens and health systems?
  • European policy making – leading the global way in times of financial crisis?
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A Forward Look on personalised medicine

S Berghmans, Director, Centre d’Innovation Médicale, and former Head, Biomedical Sciences Unit, European Science Foundation

Addressing global health challenges through research collaboration: the examples of ITFoM and BBMRI

K Zatloukal, Professor, Medical University Graz, Austria

The importance of molecular testing to ensure personalised medicine uptake – the role of Public Private Partnership

A Penk, Regional President Oncology Europe, Pfizer

Is there a global approach to personalised medicine?

R Wells, former Head Biotechnology Unit, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD

How can new systems biology make effective impact on global health concerns?

W Christie, Chairman, World Health Connections, Norway

Improving patient care by enabling access to personalised medicine in Europe

J Bowis, Co-chair, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine

A new community-based vision of open access innovation in personalised medicine

S Friend, President, Sage Bionetworks, USA

Panel discussion

All speakers

A Brad, Professor, Institute for Public Health Genomics (IPHG), Maastricht University

R Sudbrak, Scientific Coordination and Management, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics

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