The future of health promotion

Participatory approaches to building wellbeing societies

Thursday, 28 September 2023 | 11:30-12:00 | Conference Centre

Organised by Gesundheit Österreich GmbH, Competence Center for Future Health Promotion

The participatory strategy process Future Health Promotion in Austria is a broad-based participation process in which the views and perspectives of the population, experts from the field of health promotion and decision-makers from various sectors were integrated. The joint work resulted in the Roadmap "Future Health Promotion", which presents 10 bundles of measures for a future with a good quality of life, many healthy years of life and equal opportunities for all people living in Austria. The Roadmap thus contributes to the implementation of the Geneva Charter for Well-Being in Austria.

The aim of the participatory strategy process "Future Health Promotion" is to strengthen health promotion in Austria and to anchor it in the different areas of society. The roadmap provides an orientation for which measures in Austria should now be elaborated across sectors and jointly implemented.

In the ongoing participation process, all stakeholders and interested parties, organisations, associations and actors, were able to highlight and name particularly important implementation steps in an online consultation.

Wales has many years of experience in public participation and has identified seven well-being goals in the Wellbeing for Future Generations Act. Under this Act, Public Service Boards have been set up which assess the well-being of their area and publish a local well-being plan. Learn about the Roadmap and other strategy processes and discuss with us the contribution these approaches can make to the development of a Wellbeing Society!


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