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Better data, bolder economy, brighter future

Tuesday, 28 September 2021 | 18:30-19:30 | Room 1

Organised by Novartis

The healthcare sector is traditionally data rich but information poor. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its speed and impact across the globe, has unleashed the power of data and digital as vital enablers on the path toward the reorganisation and revolution of health services (e-prescriptions, telemedicine, home monitoring, outpatient care).

Can we improve and adjust our attitude towards sharing health data and find love for our “digital twin,” or will it all remain a trapping of science fiction? Is a robust, resilient, and sustainable future out of reach or is there a “digi-Phoenix” rising from the ashes of COVID and lighting the way to better health and new wealth?

Join us in this session to discuss the challenges ahead, and envision how we can confront mindsets of the past and write the future at the same time.

Session Recording

Speakers & panellists

  • Birgit Bauer, Digital Health & Social Media Expert / Patient Expert, Manufaktur für Antworten UG
  • Dipak Kalra, President, European Institute for Innovation through Health Data
  • John Olwal, Global Head Digital, Ethics Risk and Compliance, Novartis
  • Brian Wong, Youth Officer, The Lancet & Financial Times Commission


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