Health democracy in action

Amplifying people’s voice in health decision-making

Friday, 2 October 2020 | 09:00-10:30 | Room 2

Organised by WHO Regional Office for Europe in collaboration with WHO headquarters

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare wide cracks in the governance of health systems. For example, the scientific task forces which many countries established or reactivated to advise governments on the COVID-19 response reflect a default mode of governing which is characterized by insufficient transparency and inclusiveness.

Civil society is often left out – a missed opportunity to gauge population needs, build trust in government institutions and enhance adherence to public health measures.

Thus, a more inclusive participatory governance approach is needed through:

  • engaging experts across multi-disciplinary fields, not limited to medical and public health experts;
  • enabling dialogue with population, communities and civil society to gain understanding of the lived experience and challenges; and
  • ensuring a high level of transparency

Come and join us in an interactive debate with representatives from Europe and abroad. Now more than ever, we need a paradigm shift to ensure that population engagement is an integral part of shaping decisions in health.

Session Recording

Speakers & panellists

Moderated by

  • Matthias Wismar, Programme Manager, European Observatory for Health Systems and Policies

Opening remarks

Setting the scene

  • Dheepa Rajan, Health Systems Advisor, Department for Health Systems Governance and Financing, World Health Organization

Country panel

Closing remarks

  • Agnes Soucat, Director, Department for Health Systems Governance and Financing, World Health Organization


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