Medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids

Is the grass always greener?

Thursday, 3 October 2019 | 12:00-13:30 | Hotel Das Alpenhaus

Organised by Trigal Pharma and CannPico

The cannabis plant has been used for medical and recreational purposes across the world for centuries. Today, cannabis and cannabinoid products have found their way into modern medicine and are positioning themselves as alternate avenues of treatment for pain management, drug abuse disorders and a range of other indications like epilepsy, neurodegenerative and psychotic disorders.

With increased use of medical cannabis and cannabinoids comes a need for comprehensive risk-benefit discussions that take into account the state of clinical evidence on both the potential therapeutic value and side effects for patients, as well as the regulatory challenges and implications. As EU Member States implement medical and recreational cannabis policies that often diverge signifcantly from one country to another, and as more people turn to medical cannabis as a treatment option, this session will explore approaches to legislation and regulation across Europe and beyond, and ask: will cannabis products be a transformative force for quality of life in the future, or do the risks and obstacles outweigh the rewards?

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