Knowing When to Partner - Accelerating national responses for NCD prevention and control

Wednesday, 3 October 2018 | 9.00-11.00 | Kursaal C

Organised by WHO, EU-HEM & EHFG

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NCDs are now firmly embedded in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Numeroushigh-level events and reports on the prevention and control of NCDs have raised political awareness and stressed the importance of policy coherence and multistakeholder action to tackle NCDs as a development challenge. However, they did not result in immediate resource commitments. The lack of international and domestic financing continues to undermine national NCD responses, along with a lack of political will, an absence of cross-sector coordination and insufficient engagement with various stakeholders, particularly the private sector, as well as poorly developed social accountability mechanisms.

This workshop will provide a platform for stakeholders to discuss critical challenges to advancing the implementation of the political commitments of the recent 3rd High-level Meeting on NCDs and the 2030 Agenda. The WHO Global Coordination on the Prevention and Control of NCDs will also launch two important projects: (i) Knowledge Action Portal (KAP) – an interactive platform and knowledge hub for multisectoral and multistakeholder engagement, and (ii) Community of Practice on the commercial determinants of health – an on-line network of experts developing knowledge, sharing best practices and country case studies on the focused thematic area of NCD prevention and control.

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Speakers & panellists


Overcoming the social determinants of NCDs: A multi-stakeholder approach

SIR MICHAEL MARMOT, Head of the Institute of Health Equity, University College London


How to work with the private sector for NCD prevention and control: Distinguishing friends from foes

GREG PERRY, Assistant Director General, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations


Sustained political commitment and accountability for NCD prevention and control at the national level:

TARU KOIVISTO, Director, Wellbeing and Services, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland


New commitments, new challenges? The role of multisectoral and multistakeholder mechanisms for translating global commitments into country-level action

ILONA KICKBUSCH, Director of Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland


Advocating for action for healthier future generations

JACK FISHER, Youth representative


SIEGFRIED WALCH, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

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