Global and national health strategies - Is there a recipe for success?

Thursday, 4 October 2018 | 12.00-13.30 | Hotel Das Alpenhaus

Organised by the Federal Office for Public Health, Switzerland (FOPH) & European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

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What can we realistically expect from comprehensive, inter-sectoral frameworks and health strategies like the Sustainable Development Goals, Health 2020 and their national and sub-national equivalents? Can we assess their effectiveness and impact on policy-making as well as implementation, and gauge in what way they help countries improve the health of their population? Can we identify key factors and main transmission mechanisms for their perceived success or lack thereof?

In this workshop, we will discuss the uses of such policies and strategies based on more than 40 years of experiences with Health for All and its national and subnational counterparts, and examine whether it is possible to establish a typology of more and less successful examples and identify lessons we can learn for the design of such frameworks in the future.

Session Recording

Session Recording

Speakers & panellists


DAVID HUNTER, Professor, Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University, United Kingdom


CLEMENS MARTIN AUER, Special Envoy for Health, Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, Austria

LIISA-MARIA VOIPIO-PULKKI, Head of the Management Support Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

DHEEPA RAJAN, Health Systems Advisor, World Health Organization, Switzerland

NATASHA AZZOPARDI MUSCAT, Consultant Public Health Medicine, Ministry for Health, Malta 


NORA KRONIG ROMERO, Ambassador for Global Health, Head of International Affairs Division, Vice Director, Federal Office for Public Health, Switzerland.


MATTHIAS WISMAR, Senior Health Policy Analyst, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

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