Innovative Medicines for the good of all - New business models in research funding and cooperation

Thursday, 4 October 2018 | 9.00-11.30 | Room 1

Organised by Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions and National Institute of Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI) in cooperation with European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP)

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When it comes to delivering innovative medicines and their benefits to patients, health systems across the EU are facing a mounting challenge: the high costs of such pharmaceuticals. While price setting and reimbursement is generally the responsibility of member states, most policy frameworks for the development of pharmaceuticals are set at an EU level, and the European Commission is currently working on a proposal that will succeed the existing Horizon 2020 research funding programme. In the context of new policies and a longstanding history of considerable public investment in the research and development of innovative medicines, it is time to ask: what must be done to ensure efficient returns on public investments, and what role can and should private investment play? This session will discuss the need for new business models and aligned approaches to make sure people’s needs are met and medicines innovations made affordable.

Session Recording

Session Recording

Speakers & panellists

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NICOLA BEDLINGTON, Secretary General, European Patients‘ Forum

JOHN F. RYAN, Director, Director, Public Health, country knowledge, crisis management directorate, European Commission


MARJAN SUŠELJ, General Director, Health Insurance Group of Slovenia

KIERAN WALSHE, Professor of Health Policy & Management, Manchester Business School

DIMITRA PANTELI, Research Coordinator, TU Berlin


DAVID ROSE, Director, LACS Training

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