Enabling the digital transformation of cancer care in Europe

Friday, 5 October 2018 | 9.00-11.30 | Room 1

Organised by Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Digital opportunities are redefining a new frontier for patients, doctors and hospitals to secure the future of cancer care: one of greater sustainability, increased patient-centeredness and outcomes, more efficient health care delivery systems and pathways to discover and develop treatments.

In light of the recent European Commission communication on enabling the digital transformation of health and care under the digital single market, this interactive session examines how European healthcare systems could evolve towards greater sustainability with a smarter and more meaningful use of data across discovery and care pathways.

Together, we will look at policy options that could unlock the evolution of eHealth in the European Union to the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals and society.

Session Recording

Session Recording

Speakers & panellists

Speakers & panellists

STEFAN GIJSSELS, Executive Director of Digestive Cancers Europe and EuropaColon

JANI AHONALA, CEO, Noona Healthcare

MARISA CO, Vice President R&D Business Insights & Analytics, Bristol-Myers Squibb


KOSTAS ATHANASAKIS, Health Economist, Research Fellow, NSPH Athens

MATHIAS EKMAN, Director Industry Solutions, Microsoft

Closing keynote

CERI THOMPSON, Head of policy, European Commission DG CNECT, eHealth and healthy ageing policy

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