From citizen to citoyen

Friday, 02.10.2015 | 15:30 - 17:30

Organised by Maastricht University in cooperation with DocMorris

How to empower the European patient through digital solutions and structured programmes

Important challenges in European health are demographic change and the longterm consequences of the financial crises. How can we secure access to and affordability of healthcare, especially in light of the recent European discussion on upstream social convergence and a minimum healthcare basket?

Technological and social innovations are needed to empower the health system, the citizen and patient. It is not only about having digital solutions in place which make it possible for the citizen to access healthcare but also about ensuring a level of eHealth literacy that makes it possible to navigate the system successfully. Thus, the “citizen” turns into the “citoyen” – actively involved, with control over his data and consequently able to shape the system. This process has to be accompanied by legal measures guaranteeing (data) security.


Terje Peetso, Policy Officer, Health and Well-being Unit, DG DG CONNECT, European Commission

Angela Brand, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM)

Christian Franken, Apollon University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Max Müller, DocMorris, The Netherlands

Tobias Gantner, HealthCare Futurists

Kristine Sorensen, Health Literacy Expert, Maastricht University, The Netherlands


Hédinn Svarfdal Björnsson, Directorate of Health, Iceland

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