Modern healthcare 2

Friday, 02.10.2015 | 09:00 - 12:00

Organised by DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), European Commission

Session 2 | mHealth is a solution (not a problem)

The importance of the solidarity principle in our healthcare systems is unique to Europe and we should not change it. However, we can modernise it, i.e. digitise processes in our healthcare systems which can make them more efficient and bring them closer to citizens.

The objectives of this forum are twofold:

  • first of all to raise awareness among citizens of what they can and should do in managing their own health and disease and
  • secondly to show how eHealth can contribute to fortifying a patientcentric approach, which also needs understanding and support from the healthcare workforce.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate the role of modern technologies in making the balance right – how mobile health can support patients, informal carers and healthcare professionals in their responsibilities and how concerns about trust, security and safety need to be addressed.

The forum will share experience gained in different Member States where the use of digital tools has helped bring healthcare closer also to those people who may often be difficult to reach – young people or people living in remote areas and people with certain medical conditions that may give rise to stigmatisation.


mHealth is a solution (not a problem)

In this session we will discuss recent developments in the area of mHealth following the public consultation on the Green Paper on mHealth: data protection, quality and safety of health and wellbeing applications, how mHealth supports patient empowerment and the possibilities of the effective use of mHealth in everyday practice.


Michal Boni, Member of the European Parliament (EPP, Poland)

John Farrell, Ministry for Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland

Jeremy Wyatt, Professor, Adviser on New Information and Communication Technologies, Royal College of Physicians, UK

Michele Pastore, Samsung Electronics and Code of Conduct Working Group

Nicola Bedlington, Secretary General, European Patients' Forum


Terje Peetso, Policy Officer, Health and Well-being Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission

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