Mental health. The motor for a healthy economy 2

Thursday, 03.10.2013 | 09:00 - 12:00

Organised by Lundbeck A/S

Mental health: Europe's greatest health challenge in the 21st century?

Mental health will be the motor for a healthy economy in the 21st century. In order to successfully face current and future economic, social and public health challenges, all relevant policies and mental healthcare services must be reshaped based on smart, innovative, cost-efficient and integrated delivery models.

In this forum we will aim to analyse the value of targeted policy measures and the different components integrated policy approaches should encompass. Participants will be invited to analyse the integration of mental health promotion and the management of brain diseases into broader health and employment policies in order to effectively tackle current and future social and economic challenges.

The discussion will focus on the following questions:
• What are the social and economic impacts of brain diseases in Europe and globally?
• What impact do brain diseases have on work productivity and the broader community: the case studies of depression and alcohol dependence.
• What are the main research and policy gaps in this area which should be addressed to overcome health, social and economic challenges of the 21st century?
• What concrete components should targeted workplace policies encompass to promote mental health, prevent brain disorders and to help people stay and reintegrate at work?
• What is the role of the EU in supporting national efforts in this direction?

Case studies on alcohol dependence and depression will be analysed.


John Bowis, former Member of the European Parliament

Round-table discussion

Zinta Podniece, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion, European Commission

George Christodoulou, World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH)

Peter Anderson, Professor, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Olaf Tscharnezki, Medical Director, Unilever

Don Shenker, Alcohol Health Network, UK


Peter O’Donnell, Journalist, European Voice

Patricia Kelly, Journalist

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