Health workforce in the age of AI

Exploring future healthcare

Tuesday, 26 September 2023 | 16:30-17:45 | Conference Centre

Organised by the European Health Union initiative, supported by the Bosch Health Campus

The past year has seen exponential growth in artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Chat GPT, opening new paths to explore unrealised technological solutions for dated health systems. Yet, as we discuss the opportunities and benefits of AI, we must also consider the potential threats and pitfalls of such tools. 

When reviewing the status quo of insufficiently financed and under-resourced European health systems, it becomes obvious that innovative and effective solutions are needed, not least to improve the current situation of the health workforce. But are healthcare systems and workers even ready and equipped for a new era of transformation? How will AI reshape the roles and responsibilities of understaffed and fatigued healthcare professionals - and will it prove to be a friend or foe, or a combination of both?

This session will discuss the promise of AI tools to help provide safe and resource-efficient care, whilst also contributing to better working conditions for healthcare professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to explore how we can better harness the collaboration between human resources and technology as we enter the fifth industrial revolution.

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  • Stefan Buttigieg, Resident Specialist in Public Health Medicine, Ministry for Health, Malta

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