Delivering EU health equity: a 2030 ambition

Unlocking sustainable health outcomes with durable policies to address health inequalities

Wednesday, 28 September 2022 | 15:00-16:30 | Conference Centre

Organised by Porter Novelli Health

Healthcare systems are struggling to find solutions to the mounting pandemic of inequity of healthcare provision. Debilitating inequalities of access to care are spiralling, which is a critical barrier to delivery of equitable care. Solving health inequalities in healthcare does not wholly lie with any one stakeholder. Sustainable success and solutions will only be delivered through clarity of goals, innovative and inclusive community-based programmes, conscious collaborations between the public and private sector, and accelerated, measured impact. 

The session will convene eminent experts to discuss barriers and benchmarks to support improved equitable access to healthcare for at-risk communities. Panellists will reflect on real-life learnings, including those from the COVID-19 pandemic, and debate what a potential 2030 roadmap to success looks like for the EU Member States.  What are the building blocks policymakers and system funders need to have in place to be able to provide and facilitate the impact from a consortium of players? How can we incentivise collective and innovative thinking? What do we expect specifically from the pharmaceutical sector?

We invite you to join this session, delivered by Porter Novelli Health, to explore how to best support goals to remove health inequalities across Europe through innovative policy design.

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