Transforming HIV responses in Europe

Focus on disruptive community actions

Wednesday, 2 October 2019 | 17.30-19.30 | Conference Centre Room 1

Organised by MSD and the European AIDS Treatment Group

Disruptive community action has been a cornerstone of public health responses to HIV. However, HIV infection rates need to fall faster in Europe if the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be met, and spikes in HIV infection rates in some countries require urgent attention. In parallel, long-term outcomes during chronic HIV treatment must be improved. Transforming HIV responses to address these challenges will require rejuvenated, disruptive community advocacy together with innovative, people-centered care approaches.

This session will combine national case studies and interactive breakouts led by community activists, together with a multi-sector panel involving public health specialists and policymakers. It will explore where and why HIV responses in Europe are failing and showcase how the HIV community is disrupting anew. It will also ask how future EU-level policy should support multi-stakeholder action, and how learnings from HIV civil society can be applied in other fields.

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Speakers & panellists

Section A: Critical perspectives on HIV responses

ROBBIE LAWLOR, HIV Advocate, ACT UP Dublin, Ireland

BRATISLAV PROKIC, POTENT – National Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Serbia

CRISTIANA OPREA, Head of HIV Department, Victor Babes Clinical Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases & Associated Professor, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania

MARIO CASCIO, Chair, Board of Directors, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Belgium

Section B: Showcasing innovation in HIV advocacy

Research: study protocols

NIKOS DEDES, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Belgium


Community-led services and innovation to eliminate HIV transmission:

MICHAEL MEULBROEK, BCN Checkpoint, Barcelona, Spain


Improving standards of care:

CRISTIANA OPREA, Member of the European AIDS Clinical Society Governing Board

Section C: Future thinking: EU policy and intersectoral collaboration

NIKOS DEDES, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Belgium

FIONA GODFREY, Secretary General, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Belgium

WOLFGANG PHILIPP, Head of Unit, Crisis Management and Preparedness in Health, European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (SANTE)


SUE SAVILLE, TV news journalist and medical correspondent, UK

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