The human touch in a digital world

Thursday, 3 October 2019 | 14.00-15.30 | Kursaal A

Organised by European Health Forum Gastein

Healthcare is built on relationships between individuals: between the healthcare practitioner (HCP) and patient, between different HCPs, between the HCP and relatives or caregivers to name just a few. But what impact will the disruptive nature of the trend towards digital transformation and increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) have on the relationships between these groups of individuals? How might digitalisation facilitate greater patient autonomy? Does a reliance on digitalisation or AI risk missing non-quantifiable information that is so important in healthcare interactions and that could compromise patient safety? As technology becomes exponentially more personalised, advanced and powerful, this plenary will consider how we must find a balance that allows us to integrate and take advantage of these new opportunities without losing sight of important values such as safety, privacy, security and trust.

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Speakers & panellists


RAN BALICER, Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit / Founding Director, Clalit Research Institute & BGU Public Health Professor, Israel

INDRA JOSHI, Head of Digital Health and AI at NHSX, England

ANNA STAVDAL, Past President of WONCA Europe and President-Elect of WONCA World, Lecturer and Associate Professor, University of Oslo

ŠARUNAS NARBUTAS, Chairman, Youth Cancer Europe

MARCO MARSELLA, Head of eHealth, Well-being, and Ageing Unit, DG Connect, European Commission


SUE SAVILLE, TV news journalist and medical correspondent, UK


FIONA GODFREY, Secretary General, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

PHILIP HINES, Scientific Committees Regulatory Science Strategy, European Medicines Agency

Cartoonist: FLORIS OUDSHOORN, Comic House


HANS KLUGE, Regional Director-elect, World Health Organizaion Regional Office for Europe

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