CAR-T: The evolution of a revolution?

Thursday, 3 October 2019 | 16.00-18.30 | Kursaal C

Organised by Novartis

Do CAR-T – Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell – therapies have the potential to revolutionise cancer care? These therapies are disrupting traditional concepts of immuno-oncology, manufacturing, delivery and value across Europe. However, for many, there remain a number of open questions that need to be addressed.

Join Novartis in a series of critical conversations with both early adopters and advocates who will highlight the transformative potential of these therapies, and sceptical voices who will focus on the unknown variables and where current challenges lie.

The session will detail the science, safety, efficacy and value of CAR-T as well as the evolution of cell and gene therapies over the past 20 years. Delegates will hear from key thought leaders and patient representatives about the impact of CAR-T can have on healthcare systems, pricing, and regulation. Join us and be part of this exciting and complex debate on opportunities and challenges presented by CAR-T for all stakeholders!

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Speakers & Panellists


ANTONIA MÜLLER, Senior Consultant, Division of Hematology, University Hospital Zurich

EMANUELE OSTUNI, Head of Cell and Gene Therapy, Oncology Region Europe, Novartis

MARIUS GEANTA, President, Centre for Innovation in Medicine (InoMed), Romania

ŠARUNAS NARBUTAS, President, Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA)

THOMAS SZUCS, Professor of Pharmaceutical Medicine, University of Basel

ZACK PEMBERTON-WHITELEY, Patient Advocacy Director, Acute Leukaemia Advocates Network

ANTONELLA CARDONE, Director, European Cancer Patient Coalition


Duane Schulthess, Managing Director, Vital Transformation

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