Vaccine ecosystem health check

Identifying the components and experiencing the complexities

Thursday, 3 October 2019 | 9.00-11.30 |

Organised by MSD and Sanofi

The recent EU initiatives on vaccination reveal the unique complexity of the vaccine ecosystem. Decisions on, but not limited to, prioritisation of new pathogens for R&D, regulatory requirements, manufacturing and supply capacity, industrial and technology policies, procurement and pricing policies, forecasting and stockpiling practices, and financing of vaccination programmes, all impact the health of the vaccine market globally and in a given country. Ultimately, the result should be a predictable and sustainable supply of innovative, qualitative and affordable vaccines to meet demand.

This session will aim to help the audience recognise the many different components of a vaccine ecosystem, and how they are all interconnected. It will feature a panel debate followed by an interactive simulation exercise, providing a unique opportunity for participants not only to listen to experts, but actively take part and understand their respective roles as well.

Speakers & panellists


ARNOLD BOSMAN, Director of Transmissible will lead the simulation exercise. Speakers representing the European Commission, healthcare professionals, civil society, national payers and industry will be announced at a later stage.


NATASHA AZZOPARDI MUSCAT, Consultant in public health medicine, Directorate for Health Information & Research, Malta and current President, European Public Health Association

TIM WILSDON, Health Economist and Vice President, Charles Rivers Associates.


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