The digital future of healthcare

Using data to FutureProof health systems

Wednesday, 2 October 2019 | 14.30-17.00 | Kursaal C

Organised by Roche

Do you think you can predict the future? Digitisation and personalisation increasingly shape every aspect of healthcare, from how patients seek services to how governments support the health of populations. How can healthcare systems keep up with the changing face of healthcare to create the health system of the future? During this session, participants will hear from leading digital health experts and policymakers grappling with these challenges, try and envisage the health system of the future, and discuss how we can gauge - and crucially, improve! - our readiness for where technology will take us.

You are invited to participate in co-creating a personalised healthcare index for FutureProofing Healthcare: an ambitious project comparing the future-readiness of healthcare systems and disseminating best practices across Europe. Participants will collaborate in small groups, sitting down with leading subject experts to de?ne an 'ideal' digital health strategy and inform a policy blueprint for the digital future of healthcare.

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Speakers & panellists


USMAN KHAN, Executive Director, European Patient’s Forum (EPF)

PÄIVI SILLANAUKEE, Director General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

MARY HARNEY, Former Minister of Health, Ireland

SARUNAS NARBUTAS, Chairman, Youth Cancer Europe

JÖRG-MICHAEL RUPP, Director, Pharma International, Roche

INDRA JOSHI, Head of Digital Health and AI, NHSX England

MARIA PILAR AGUAR FERNANDEZ, Head Of Unit Innovative tools, technologies and concepts in health


BOGI ELIASEN, Health Futurist, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS)

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