Changing the game on health inequalities

Why it matters and what we can do

Wednesday, 2 October 2019 | 14.30-17.00 |

Organised by WHO Regional Office for Europe

Addressing health inequalities is one of the major challenges of our time. Differences in health between richer and poorer, between different regions and neighbourhoods and between different groups in society remain wide and persistent. The impact of austerity, increases in insecure labour and changing patterns of social development have been felt by those already left behind, and those in danger of being left behind. But signficantly, recent work by the World Health Organization has shown that there are actions which governments can take to drive positive change, even in the life of a single parliament. We have also recognised that our most important partner is the child, the young person, woman or man, who is not able to thrive and prosper, who is not reaching their full potential in health, or in life. It is their voice, their lived experience, their passion, drive and resilience that we must nurture to make progress on health equity truly empowering. The session will major on finding and sharing solutions to this wicked problem.


The full list of speakers will be announced shortly.


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