A European Cancer Plan

Make it disruptive!

Friday, 4 October 2019 | 9.00-11.30 |

Organised by European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations (EFPIA), and European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)

Today's cancer survival landscape is diverse: not every patient in Europe benefits in the same way. If every country did as well as Sweden, 270,000 additional cancer patients would live five years longer. Our hypothesis: a European Cancer Plan can drive such change towards better outcomes in cancer for citizens and patients in Europe.

This session aims to trigger the discussion about a European Cancer Plan by introducing a European Cancer Dashboard (to be developed during the discussion) with key-performance indicators, including survival, return to work and rehabilitation, progress, quality of care, expenditure and innovation.

The session will also provide a strategic perspective, leveraging European and national initiatives (e.g. "Dekade gegen Krebs" in Germany), as well as individual cancer patient perspectives, and reflecting on provider challenges. Finally, the session will present the latest findings of the Comparator Report on patient access to cancer medicines in Europe – focussing on cancer incidence, mortality, expenditure and access in Europe.

Speakers & panellists



ECCO (representative tba)

ECPC (representative tba)

WORKING WITH CANCER (representative tba)

EFPIA (representative tba)

The full list of speakers will be announced shortly.


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