AI: It’s not (just) about the technology!

New organisational models and skills for care providers and healthcare professionals

Friday, 4 October 2019 | 9.00-11.30 | Conference Centre Room 2

Organised by EIT Health

The implications of Artifcial Intelligence (AI) for the future of healthcare have been hotly debated in recent years. Amid fears around ethical constraints and the possibility of job losses for the workforce, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: if we want AI and robotics to have a positive impact on health outcomes for patients and citizens, we need to move on from current discussions of the technology, to outlining crucial organisational changes for healthcare providers and systems, as well as addressing the skillsets future healthcare professionals (HCPs) will need to work successfully with AI.

This session comprises three parts: JORGE FERNÁNDEZ, Director of Innovation, EIT Health, will offer a primer on how providers as well as national and regional health systems should transform their organisations to beneft from the positive impact of AI, and how AI will affect the day-to-day operations for some key specialties (e.g. oncology, ophthalmology and radiology).

This will be followed by a panel discussion on major issues clinicians are faced with in an era of AI and increasing digitalisation, including a reflection on those tasks that might no longer have to be performed by clinicians themselves in the near future.

In the last part of the session, URSULA MÜHLE, Education Director, EIT Health, will lead a second panel to address the skills needed by (current and future) HCPs working in new organizational formats, consider how the medical curriculum should evolve to train the HCPs of the 21st century and explore how AI might affect the patient-doctor relationship.

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Speakers & panellists

JORGE FERNANDEZ, Director of Innovation, EIT Health

ANTANAS MONTVILA, Junior Doctor & Board Member, European Junior Doctors Association

KRISTAPS KRAFTE, CEO, Vigo, Digital Therapeutic for Stroke Recovery

STEVEN PETIT, Medical Physicist & Assistant Professor, Erasmus University Medical Center

DOMINIK PFÖRRINGER, Medical Specialist for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, University Hospital Munich Rechts der Isar

ZINEB NOUNS, Managing Director, Helios Education Center Berlin

PETIA RADEVA, ICREA Academia, Universitat de Barcelona


JORGE FERNANDEZ, Director of Innovation, EIT Health and URSULA MÜHLE, Diretor of Education, EIT Health

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