Celebrate one extra chromosome – World Down Syndrome Day

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Watch the video to learn more about 68 countries, promoting the inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Today is the 7th World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) and this year for the first time it will be officially guarded by the United Nations. But what is Down syndrome? It is a genetic defect, causing a person to have an extra copy of one chromosome. Three different types of Down syndrome exist:  regular trisomy 21, translocation and mosaic. The genetic defect changes the balance of the body and affects physical and intellectual features.
On this day worldwide people who have Down syndrome and the people in their lives are celebrated. Events and activities are organized to raise awareness of what it means to live with Down syndrome and to educate people.

Here are some beautiful examples:
In Kosovo the World Down Syndrome event already took place on 16th of March 2012. Activists organized a solidarity march to raise awareness, to educate and to show citizens that people with the syndrome are ready to be fully integrated as equal members of society. At the end of the march, in front of the National Theatre of Kosova, balloons were released that were held by participants throughout the walk. In South Africa the Upside Down syndrome support group for parents will be holding a family picnic. In the UK a young boy called Logan will make and decorated over 100 cakes for his school, to celebrate the day, all cake toppers are made of the WDSD logo.

On the 21st of March World Down Syndrome International will announce awards for volunteers, scientists and professionals for outstanding performances. Candidates can be individuals or groups, who have been nominated by any member or member organisation.


Let’s celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day together!

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