Health in Europe – Let’s think big

Wednesday, 3 October 2018 | 12.00-14.00 | Kursaal A

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If politics is to keep in view the wealth of a society in general, factoring out health is a fundamental mistake: functioning health systems are essential to achieve the broader policy objectives of social cohesion, justice, sustainability, employment, integration and growth to name but a few. However merely acknowledging that health is both of intrinsic value and a precondition for economic and social prosperity is not enough. The current political climate is turbulent – and poses a threat to maintaining health as a priority item on European agendas. Power games and societal upheaval are a challenge to the very sense of community that is crucial for advancing health, both in Europe and globally. Now is the time for strong political commitments, to protect patients and public health systems, and to dare to make real changes. Our Opening Plenary will thus set the scene for the conference by discussing what is needed to safeguard health in Europe, shine the spotlight on the urgency of health action across sectors and borders, and on key health challenges where EU-level work and leadership is essential. On what does Europe need to focus to play our part in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, and what role can our institutions play? Does health politics need some audacious rethinking to remain relevant?

Speakers & panellists

Welcome address & opening


Setting the context - Macroeconomic outlook in Europe to 2030 and beyond

PETER C. SMITH, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy, Imperial College London Business School

Panel discussion with

RIINA SIKKUT, Minister of Health and Labour, Estonia

ZSUZSANNA JAKAB, Regional Director, WHO Europe

LIISA-MARIA VOIPIO-Pulkki, Head of the Management Support Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland

MARTIN SEYCHELL, Deputy Director General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission

FREEK SPINNEWIJN, President, European Public Health Alliance (Epha)

CLEMENS MARTIN AUER, Special Envoy for Health, Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection


TANIA DUSSEY-CAVASSINI, former Ambassador for Global Health and former Vice-Director General of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Federal Department of Home Affairs of Switzerland

Newsroom Team

ELEANOR BROOKS, Career Development Fellow (Global Health), University of Edinburgh

Nick Fahy, Senior Researcher, University of Oxford



European Health Award Ceremony 2018

We honour initiatives aiming to improve public health or healthcare in Europe. The award was established to promote cross-border cooperation and the development of sustainable & innovative initiatives that address current challenges.

The winner of the EHA 2018 will be announced during the Opening Plenary.

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