The European Health Forum Gastein is the most important health policy event in the European Union. Leading experts from science and academia, patient organisations/NGOs, business and industry as well as numerous prominent decision makers in health policy present new ideas and use the EHFG as a platform for the exchange of experiences and opinions at the international level. 

A major feature of the European Health Forum Gastein is its broad range of topics: issues such as the financial crisis and its impact on health systems are just as current as topics like the EU-US Free Trade Agreement and its potential consequences for health care. Thus, the EHFG is a meeting place for experts from different sections of the health system and is fundamentally different from events which are specialised in highly restricted areas. 

Good reasons why you should attend the European Health Forum Gastein:

  • Opportunities for contact and interviews with leading European health policymakers, experts from industry, science and administration.

  • At the EHFG the health policy measures which your readers, listeners or viewers will soon be confronted with will be discussed at an expert level.

  • The EHFG offers you support in gathering information and in the search for interview partners for your reports and features.

  • Press briefings on selected topics as well as press releases on workshops and forums provide information on numerous special topics.