Young Gasteiners @ ECDC Summer School in Stockholm 2017

During this summer, three Young Gasteiners – Elzbieta, Oksana and Vladimir had the great opportunity to participate in the ECDC Summer School in Stockholm. Four days long we could actively participate in many lectures and workshops led by motivated and experienced teachers. We could choose from many excellent workshops – Cross boarder sharing of health data, Story telling for scientist, Public health economics, Public health emergency preparedness, Anthropology for public health: qualitative methods and Migrant and refugee health. And the choice which workshop to choose was not easy! 

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Cross-border sharing of health data in databases

What is the “right to be forgotten” and how does it influence the health data sharing between countries and international organisations? What is the role of a research controller and what data sharing issues can he face? The practical workshop during the ECDC Summer School 2017 in Stockholm gave answers to those and many more questions. Continue reading

‘Health is a political choice’ – Young Gasteiners Health Diplomacy Workshop 2017

Health Diplomacy can be defined in many ways, but essentially it is about bringing together a range of disciplines, from public health to international relations, and to focus on the negotiation process that shapes and defines the global policy environment for health.

With this, there has become a need to build capacity for global health diplomacy, by training public health professionals and diplomats respectively in this area.

As such, 1st to 2nd June 2017, 16 Young Gasteiners with diverse range of professional backgrounds came together in Copenhagen to participate in a Health Diplomacy workshop. This workshop was made possible by funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The objectives were to foster an understanding of global health and its interconnectedness with foreign policy, practice negotiation skills, network with both young and senior (public) health professionals from across Europe.

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Introducing the newest intern!

My name is Max Schravendeel and I am a Dutch student spending ten weeks in Salzburg for an internship at the EHFG. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy and am now pursuing a master’s degree in Governance and Leadership in European Public Health at the Maastricht University. I am excited to work at the EHFG because of the emphasis on Europe and contemporary challenges in public health. Besides this internship and thesis work, I will be spending my time in Salzburg exploring the neighborhood as I love travelling in Europe. Austria will be the fifth European country I live in and I have just used the opportunity to visit my 25th European country; Slovakia!

So far, the experience in Salzburg has been a great one. Coming from one of the flattest countries in the world I tend to get excited by the smallest of hills; it remains surreal to see mountains touching the clouds as I look out my office window. Working at the EHFG has so far only added to the experience. The team has been very welcoming and the atmosphere very friendly. Not to mention I got to explore the country on my second day when I was taken to the Gastein Valley as an introduction to the conference location. I even have my own office. Well, I have to share it with Maximillian; but I’ll still be calling it Max’s office.

Lunch break in Bad Hofgastein…                  Office (balcony) view…

Lights, Camera, Action! On learning how to moderate effectively and other stories

“Tell me something. You are about to facilitate an important conference session and you are allowed to bring one item with you on stage. Which one do you pick?”

  1. Your confidence, who needs anything else?
  2. A clipboard with your notes (You’ve mapped out the seating chart of the room with GPS satellite precision)
  3. Your phone, to check the live-twitter feed
  4. A buzzer, to (cut people off) keep time
  5. Sunglasses, to exit stage left incognito just in case

This spring, I was fortunate to be invited by EHFG to attend with seven other European health experts, a 1.5-day workshop from LACS Training on conference facilitation at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Brussels.

David Rose, professional public speaker, moderator and communications consultant, led us through the workshop and shared some of the ‘tricks of his trade’.  

During our practice. Learning from the best. Can you spot the video camera?

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