Interview with Els Torreele

How did you find the panel? Do you think it was balanced and would you like to have more often this type of debates?

fz1_8875I think it was a very timely conversation, even overdue, and given the prominence of the topic there should indeed be more of those. The panel was certainly balanced in terms of participants: an academic economist, an MEP, a payer, civil society, and the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that most speakers were aligned on a diagnosis of unacceptable and unbalanced monopoly pricing power of pharmaceutical companies, a view not necessarily shared by the pharma representative (for obvious reasons), indicates that there is broad societal agreement that this problem needs to be addressed. Weiterlesen

Interview with Katie Dain

Interview with Katie Dain, Executive Director, NCD Alliance (London)

katie-dain Katie has worked with the NCD Alliance since its founding in 2009; her experience has included organizational and strategic development; global advocacy and policy-making; and programme design and capacity-building in low- and middle-income countries. Before joining the NCD Alliance, Katie worked at the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in Brussels, leading their global advocacy programme and establishing the first Women and Diabetes programme. Katie is widely recognized as a leading advocate and expert on NCDs, and has authored or co-authored numerous papers and commentaries on global health and development policy issues. She is a member of advisory groups and committees for a range of international NCD initiatives. Weiterlesen

Young Gasteiners and Young Taiwanese scholars 2016

pic1 Attending the Global Health Forum on October 23rd and 24th was not the end of Young Gasteiners’ official visit to Taiwan. On the third day of our visit, we were, together with high level guests of the Forum, taken on a day-long field trip to different healthcare related institutions but also managed to experience some of Taiwan’s gastronomy and culture in and around Taipei. The first site, which we visited, were the impressive offices of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), under Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare. Founded by the Minister of Health at the time as a response to SARS pandemic, Taiwan’s CDC was designed and built following the example of US’s CDC. Weiterlesen

Impressions of Young Gasteiners in Taipei

pic1In October, we had the opportunity to go to the 2016 European Health Forum in Gastein. The experience of interacting with young professionals from all over Europe in an inspiring environment surpassed all our expectations. We were impressed by the talent and knowledge that was gathered in the 68 individuals that attended this year. Little did we know that our experience would be extended to another international health forum. Weiterlesen

Interview with Bettina Borisch

Q: What is the most impressive public health achievement in Taiwan and what would you recommend Taiwan to further work on?

BB: The national health insurance is something worth mentioning for its single payer system on a liberal market. For example, in Switzerland we have about 90 different health insurers, so we could learn from the Taiwanese efficiency.

Professor Bettina Borisch, Liang-En Hwang and Robert Ofner

Professor Bettina Borisch, Liang-En Hwang and Robert Ofner

In addition, involving different sectors to improve the health of the general public would be a recommendation. By including public health workers, primary health workers, hospitals and all kinds of health care professionals into the agenda.