Something to celebrate this year: The EHFG turns 20

While efforts to foster inter-sectoral cooperation on health have been successful at times, real challenges remain. The discussions at the 20th European Health Forum Gastein will aim to dig deeper, taking the technocratic concept of Health in All Policies to the political level of policy implementation – Health in All Politics.


Interview with Martin Seychell

During the Greying baby boomers’ plenary today you made a point on Health Workforce. How can you make sure there is collaboration with the WHO and the European Commission? How can you make this binding and that the transition of workforce is not hampering any countries?seychell

We have been working for a number of years with the Member States and stakeholders on Joint Actions. Joint Actions on programmes, which are funded through the EU health programme, where we bring stakeholders together to discuss important issues and health workforce has been one for many years. The first step that countries have to take is forecasting its health workforce. Health workforce is a very specific workforce, as it requires a long period of training before they are starting to give back their expertise. Without forecasting, we would take a leap into the dark. Countries cannot do this individually. Countries can’t calculate the needs for how many people to train because you need to factor in that these people might move. In addition, professions benefit from working in different settings, so it should be part of this circulation. Then we need to look at the skill mix. The skill mix has to be updated, hard and soft skills. Not just academic training but also the role of the doctor, nurse and pharmacist. The health systems of tomorrow are not going to be the same as the health systems we have today.  Patients are also changing, they will not be passive, they will have knowledge about their conditions and our workforce need to have the skills to have dialogue with the new type of patient. Weiterlesen

Interview with Matthias Reumann

Matthias Reumann received the Masters of Engineering in Electronics with the Tripartite Diploma from the University of Southampton in 2003 and continued his PhD studies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Reumann focused on translational research in cardiac models and his PhD with summa cum laude in 2007. The research was awarded with two prestigious research awards by both clinical and biomedical professional societies. Reumann continued research in multi-scale systems biology at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. His work focused on creating high resolution heart models that scale on supercomputers. He expanded his research interest to Genomics in 2010 at the IBM Research Collaboratory for Life SciencesMelbourne, investigating higher order interaction of single nucleotide polymorphisms in breast and prostate cancer. 

reumannIn 2011, Reumann build up the healthcare research team at the IBM Research – Australia laboratory with focus areas in healthcare analytics, medical image processing and genomics. The goal in genomics was to bring next generation sequencing into a production environment in a public health microbiology diagnostic unit. Reumann moved back to Europe in December 2013 and joined the IBM Research – Zurich laboratory where his research focusses on sustainable, resilient health systems research to bridge the divide from bench to bedside to society. Weiterlesen

EHFG 2016 Conference Report and Movies

The year 2016 is coming to an end, and we are taking stock: Our EHFG Conference Report is finalised and available online, providing you with a detailed recap of what was discussed in Gastein this year.

We are also proud to present our EHFG 2016 conference movies:


For webcasts, outcomes and pictures from the conference please also have a look at our homepage.

We are wishing you happy holidays and a good start into a successful and healthy 2017!

P.S.: The main theme for #EHFG2017 has been decided:

Health in All Politics – a Better Future for Europe.

4th to 6th October 2017