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Hi, my name is Lisa-Marie, a few might recognize my name – I am the EHFG’s registration officer, for the fourth time this year.

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EHFG 2016: Bad Hofgastein office at work

Me joining the EHFG team means simply one thing: the conference will take place soon, really soon. During the last two months before the conference, there are a few infallible signs that it’s getting serious – apart from the fact that the number of team members increases, of course. Storages get checked, stocks get counted, new supplies get ordered. Last contract changes are taking place. Many flights get booked, cars get organized. There is a lot of proof reading. Session contents get their finishing touches before getting fixed. Our daily agendas are packed with contacting speakers, organising travel itineraries, preparing conference materials, selecting dinner menus and decoration. And this is no conclusive enumeration! Weiterlesen

EHFG 2016 – Summer Update

Nothing going on in the summer break? Not quite true:
Catch up with the latest #EHFG2016 programme developments 🙂

Remembering the diverse discussions at EHFG 2015, we are now happy to announce a splendid mix of old and new faces for #EHFG2016, and to share our August update with you.

Apart from the who is who at EHFG 2016 “Demographics and Diversity in Europe: New Solutions for Health” we have also new information on the latest programme additions: Our Brexit session & #AppGastein2016, the mHealth satellite event.

© framez. photography – Speakers and participants at EHFG 2015

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Steffi’s internship at the International Forum Gastein


My name is Stefanie Moser and I live in Gastein. I did an internship at the International Forum Gastein for four weeks in my summer holidays. In fall 2016, my last year at the Handelsakademie in Sankt Johann starts. With the internship, I hoped to get some experience for my further working life and it was also to help me with the decision between working or studying in the future.

The time at the International Forum Gastein was interesting and exciting. My tasks were varied, from sending letters to data processing, or preparing some of the “extras” you will find around the conference venue at the EHFG 2016: I made the “Food for Thought” and “Choose your Drink” boards – it was my little personal project. Weiterlesen

Demographic change & increased diversity – an opportunity for European health systems?

Interview with Dr Josep Figueras, Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

You mention in your video statement that population ageing and migration are too often perceived as threats to health systems. Yet, in practice, these pressures are not only overstated but in some instances the opposite can be true. Can you explain and provide some examples about how this takes place?


Refugees and migrants can both strengthen our economies with their labour and tax contributions and address the human resource shortages in our health, social and long term care sector. In general, they tend to be a healthier and younger population which in addition may bring substantial technical skills to our societies.  Arguably, twenty years down the line the Member States of the European Union, unless there is a significant change in current demographic trends, will be competing to attract migrants to their countries.


Hello everyone! It’s me – Anna, and I am back again! :)

I’ve finally finished school and had my final exams in June. So now I am able to go to university. I am going to start studying Business Administration in Graz in October. In the meantime, I will work at the International Forum Gastein and help out with the registration for the 19th European Health Forum Gastein.

Last year I worked in my summer holidays as an intern at the IFG office and I also got the chance to experience the conference itself as a member of staff. Since I had so much fun last year working with the team, learning new things each day and gaining a lot of important work experience, I am more than happy to be back for the upcoming two months.